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Describe in detail the salient features and functionality of the proposed Technology or Product as a cost-effective solution to address the specific challenges, needs or technology gaps of the Indian Recycling eco-system.

To better appreciate the relevance of your proposed solution it may be worthwhile for you to describe the specific applications and use-cases within any of the material categories of the recycling industry.

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Enumerate the three most important technologies that this product introduces for NxtGen Recycling.

Describe briefly the potential of each of the proposed technology in terms of emerging as the dominant industry practice and strengthening the competitiveness of the Indian recycling industry.

Explain the possibility of IP generation and patent filing for the product or technology being proposed.

Specifically highlight

Suitability for Acceptance/Adoption in the recycling industry, Customization & Extendability of the product to other aligned recycling sectors if any Extent of Indigenous Content in the Product

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In what way does it best replace primary or virgin materials with secondary materials ? What are the features that make the technology impact:-

  • Better resource recovery?

  • Lesser energy and water requirements?

  • Lower GHG emissions?

  • Reduce landfills?

  • Generate Jobs?

  • Reduce costs ?

  • Promote the circular economy?

Generate Traceability for Certifying recycled materials content as part of #remadeinindia Certification

* You may choose a suitable document outline to present the details and upload the same as an attachment in the prescribed file size & format.)

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(a) Provide a PPT of not more than 12 slides to explain the strengths, uniqueness, and business potential of your proposed technology/solution.

(b) Provide a one page pitch (A4 page Times New Roman, 11 font size) of the business case stating

  • What is the Problem being solved?

  • Why is it important?

  • How will your solution address the problem?

  • What stage is the solution at – design, lab tested, prototype or a minimum viable product ?

  • What is your proposal to the investor?

  • Attach a second sheet of the schematic of the product/solution being offered?

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